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a technician refinishing a hardwood floor

For those seeking to change their stain color or address serious floor damage like deep scratches and warping, hardwood floor refinishing is the ideal solution. It offers a more budget-friendly alternative compared to a complete replacement, and the added benefit is the considerable time and cost savings due to its quicker process. Homeowners, keen investors and those eager to bring back the appeal of their home depend on our service. Our service not only preserves the beauty of your home but is also a great investment for added value! Your floors will be sanded down to bare wood, stained with your choice of color, then sealed and coated with the highest quality polyurethane available. Because your hardwood floors are an investment, we treat them like one. Similar to painting a classic car, we make sure to sand the stain between each coat and utilize a polyurethane sealant to make sure that the finish on your floors has depth and looks great. As with our resurfacing service, you can choose from a gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish.

a resurfaced parquet floor

Hardwood resurfacing is great for floor that only show light amounts of wear and tear. The method doesn’t affect your wood floor in terms of its integrity or color, and our service is completely non-toxic & safe for your family. You won’t need to worry about leaving the house while we do our work, and most resurfacing jobs can be complete in just a day or so. Resurfacing your hardwood floors is an economically sound and value-enhancing home renovation service. On top of that, our hardwood resurfacing service starts at a cost of only 99¢ per square foot, which also makes it incredibly easy to estimate the cost of your project – simply measure the square footage of the area to be resurfaced. To resurface a hardwood floor, we buff away the existing finish through a unique process. As a result, surface scratches, scuff marks, and even discoloration can be removed. After we erase the scuffs, we apply a thin coat of our polyurethane product to seal and protect your hardwood floors for years to come. This will add a beautiful shine and make them look brand new! Not sure if resurfacing is the right service for your home? Just give our team a call and we can help determine which hardwood restoration method would be best for you.