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A Fabulous, Affordable Way to Update Your Wood Floor

In tough economic times, like we’re currently living in, home repairs are often put on the back burner. However, these repairs are still very much needed, and believe it or not, can often be done in your budget. For example, hardwood floor resurfacing. This repair can make your wood floors look like new adding value to your home and restoring your peace of mind. The best part is the price. The team here at Fabulous Floors San Diego can resurface a wood floor at just $0.99 cents per sq/ft on average. How incredible is that? Give us a call today to find out the cost to resurface your hardwood floor in Santee!

before and after hardwood resurfacing in santee, ca
a resurfaced parquet floor

Cost Effective and Efficient

A hardwood floor resurfacing from the team here at Fabulous Floors San Diego is not only cost-effective, but it’s also very efficient to complete. In fact, is possibly the most efficient hardwood renewal service in Santee, CA. That’s a big statement but it will make sense once we tell you our process. We screen the existing finish of the floor and apply a new polyurethane finish to seal the deal. That’s it. The whole thing is just two steps. But the results will astound you! Just check out our before and after photos and book your Santee hardwood floor resurfacing today.

It’s Not for Every Floor

Before you get too excited, you need to know about a key caveat here. Although hardwood floor resurfacing is effective when it comes to minor damage, you’ll need to use our hardwood floor refinishing service for seriously damaged floors. Luckily, this service is still an effective way to update your wood floor in Santee. But if you’re questioning whether or not you should refinish or resurface your wood floor, just give us a call. The skilled team here at Fabulous Floors San Diego would be more than happy to help you out.

“Today I had Anthony and Matt working in my house. These guys got down to business. They are very professional and friendly. My bedroom floor looks AMAZING. I will recommend this company in the blink of an eye! And the prices are better than anybody else. I did my research.” -Anonymous


Our Santee Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Process Can:

    1. Add instant value to your home. This will be a great selling point if/when you decide to move.
    2. Relieve the stress of living with worn-out hardwood floors. You’ll never have to settle for less again!
    3. Provide a long-lasting finish. Choose between gloss, semi-gloss, or satin polyurethane.
    4. Protect your floors against foot traffic and keeps them cleaner longer with a quality sealing coat.
    5. Prevent allergens. Our process is dust-free, meaning there is no mess or airborne dust particles during or after our hardwood floor resurfacing service.
    6. Remove scratches from your floors by sanding, without damaging the wood.
    7. Take very little time. Most Fabulous Floors Denver resurfacing treatments are completed within hours.
    8. Allow you to get back to your life quickly. There is absolutely nothing to clean-up after we leave.
    9. Give you peace of mind. We do all of the hardwood resurfacing work, saving you from doing it yourself.
    10. Fit within your budget. Hardwood resurfacing saves you money, especially compared to traditional refinishing.


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